Cognitive Approaches

Generalized Theory of Selection

The key concepts in the Hullís theory are:

  • 1. Replicator: an entity whose structure can be passes on in successive replication (e.g. gene, which contains the material that is passed on to the offspring). However, mutations might occur in the process of replication, leading to a slightly different structure from the original. This process is know as altered replication
  • 2. Interactor: an entity that interacts with its environment in such a way that the replication occurs (e.g. any individual organism)
  • 3. Selection: a process whereby the extinction or proliferation of interactors result in the different perpetuation of replicators (e.g. if a particular individual or set of individuals dies out, the corresponding gene pool, or set of replicators, is lost)
  • 4. Lineage: relates to the persistence of an entity over time, either due to normal or to altered replication (e.g. a species)

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