Check your knowledge Part 1

The original pronoun for the 2nd per. sing. was


The original distinction between "thou" and "you" was one of

social status

The superior

said "you" and received "thou"
said "thou" and received "thou"
said "thou" and received "you"

high solidarity

rendered the use of "you" more probable
rendered the use of "thou" more probable
had no influence on the decision for "you" or "thou"

"You" was used for the 2nd pers. sing.

before the Norman Conquest
during the Norman Conquest
after the Norman Conquest

The use of "you"

spread down the social hierarchy
was limited to the lower classes
occured in all social classes at the same time

What did not contribute to the disappearance of "thou"?

the aspiration of the lower classes to rise in society
the idear of general respect for each other
a decree by the king

"Thou" has disappeared from spoken English

in 1600
in 1800
scholars do not agree in all points at which time "thou" disappeared from spoken language