Comparison of Dictionaries

In the following chart you can find a short list of informations about the content of different dictionaries. It will help you to find the right dictionary for more specific problems. If you write a poem on virtue in Sidney's Arcadia and you can not find a phrase that rhymes on Mopsa this chart will show you where to go.

 Alphabetical OrderGrammatical InfoPronounciationEtymologySynonymyDefinitionBilingualExampleSpecial
OEDyesyesyesnonoyesnoyesincludes first use of the word
OALDyesyesyesnonoyesnoyesselected wordfield for advanced learners of English
Jonathan Green Newspeakyesyes (sometimes)nononoyesnonocoments on use
Walker's Rhyming Dictionaryyesyesnononoyesnonofocus on rhyme
Roget' Thesaurusyesyesnonoyesnononocategotized by wordfields
The Barnhart of Etymologyyesyesyes (sometimes)yesnoyes (sometimes)nono 
Collins English - German Dictionaryyesyesnonononoyesyes 
Dictionary of Surnamesyesnonoyesnononoyeslinks to other languages
Oxford Dictionary of Quotationsyesnononononononoordered by words and persons quoted