2. Definition: What is an insult?

The OED defines insult as:

''to assail with offensively dishonouring or contemptuous speech or action; to treat with sconrful
abuse or offensive disrespect; to offer indignety to; to affront , to outrage. (OED, ‘insult’ v.)

an act, or the action, of insulting (…) injuriously contemptuous speech or behaviour; scornful
utterance or action intended to wound-self-respect; an affront, indignity, outrage. (OED ‘insult’ n.)''

Another definition is that of “an utterance which violates the personal territory of a target – the addressee of the utterance or a bystander – and is perceived by the target as an intentional attack on his or her personal integrity” (Jucker 2000:96).

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