First example from the Durham depositions

The first example confirms the assumption that the decision for "thou" or "you" depends on social status. The case concerns sheep steeling. Mr. Antony and Mr. Ratcliff are relatively high class men, Roger Donn belongs to a relatively low class:

Case no 61, from the depositions of "Christofer Egleston, of Hunstonworth, yoman, aged 40 years"

Mr. Antony: "Dyd not thou promess me that thou would tell me
and the parson of Hunstonworth who sold George Whitfeld sheep?"

Roger Donn: "I need not unless I woll"

Mr. Ratcliff: "Thou breaks promess"

Roger Donn: "You will know yt soon enowgh, for your man,
Nicoll Dixson, stole them, that ther stands, upon Thursday bifore
christenmas then last past"

'Donn said that he [Radcliff] should never be able to prove hym a thief'

Roger Donn: "For although ye be a gent., and I a poore man, my
honestye shalbe as good as yours"

Mr. Ratcliff: "What saith thou? liknes thou thy honesteye to