Exercises to the theoretical background - Part 1

a.) Grice's Cooperative Principle

To the Cooperative Principle by Grice does not belong:

The Maxim of Quantity
The Maxim of Manner
The Maxim of Generosity

What does not belong to the Maxim of Manner?

Avoid ambiguity.
Avoid obsicurity of expression.
Be relevant.
Be orderly.

b.) Grundy's idea of politeness

What do you not have to think about before starting a polite communication?

the addressee`s social status
the addressee`s wish of freedom of action
the addressee`s halitosis*
the distance between my addressee and me

(*halitosis= if you smell out of the mouth)

c.) Politeness theory

Which strategy of politeness is a strategy of intimacy ?

Negative Politeness
Positive Politeness

Which factor does not influence the potential weight of a FTA?

Social distance

Exercises to the theoretical background - Part 2