First Achievements

In January 1884 Part I of the New English Dictionary was ready for publication. It was twelve inches high, eight inches deep, and contained 8,365 words appearing between ‘A’ and ‘Ant.’.

(Winchester, p. 135)
Oxford Press was already spending more money on the Dictionary project than expected. Thus, they helped themselves with an often used method. A lot of publishers published books in serial form to lower the costs. In order to start making money from the Dictionary project the Oxford Press decided to publish “sheaves of pages that were collected together to form distinct parts” (Winchester, p. 137). Instead of buying the complete dictionary at once, people were able to buy parts which could be bound together to a whole work in the end. After that, everyone, including many eminent figures and Delegates of the Press, was able to read the first part, but Murray was not given any helpful feedback. The magazine Academy decided to have an article written on Part I. The author,Henry Bradley, wrote a 4,500 word essay which was about to change his and Murray’s life and the future of the Dictionary. Murray was deeply impressed by the observations and suggestions Bradley made that he wanted him imediately to join the Dictionary staff.