So far, we have attempted to define and classify what a dictionary is, analysed different types of dictionaries and have taken a look at the history of dictionaries. Let us now have a look at the modern dictionary, find out some of its most important elements and try to figure out, how it is arranged and organized, how it works and which problems dictionary makers are confronted with. There will be a focus on bilingual dictionaries and those who are especially important for students. Of course, as you have already learned, each dictionary maker has different preferences and each one aims at a different audience, which makes it impossible to make general statements. Furthermore, it is not possible to discuss all possible aspects of a dictionary. So this part of the project will discuss a few of the most important and central features. Additionally, there are some exercises for you to work with. For these, it is recommended to use the library and the internet, because a project about dictionaries can only be successful when using dictionaries. Especially dictionaries like the Oxford Advanced Learner`s Dictionary are to be focused on, because they are especially important for a student of the English language.