Our little Shakespeare Quiz

Question No. 1

Which famous Shakespearian play does the quote "Life is like a play - we merely go through the stages of our life acting it out." come from?

The Tempest
As You Like It
The Merry Wives of Windsor

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Question No. 2

Whose words are these: "Et tu, Brute"?

Julius Caesar
King Henry V

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Question No. 3

What is the meaning behind these words: "I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips", spoken in Shakespeare`s King Henry V?

I see you are ready and anxious to depart
I see you are afraid of darkness like little dogs
I see you are lazy fools
I see you are unwilling to follow me

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Question No. 4

What is meant by the words "In a pickle"?

In a quandary or some other difficult position
Able to create something very delicious
Hidden in a glass

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Question No. 5

What is meant by "Mum`s the word"?

Keep quiet - say nothing
That is the mothers`s word
Mum is the law
That is wrong

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Question No. 6

Which Shakespearian play does the quote "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" come from?

Julius Caesar
The Merchant of Venice

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Question No. 7

What is "A priori"?

The first one
From the previous
A person of high birth
A bird

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Question No. 8

What is a "Aga saga"

An old fashioned word for agriculture
A Shakespearian play
A theatre group
A genre of popular fiction

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Question No. 9

What is a "Apple pie order"

Something that is mushy
Something that is very delicious
Something that is tidy and well-ordered
Something that a man is asking his wife for, especially on Sundays

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Question No. 10

What is meant by the words "As cool as a cucumber"

Calm and unfuffled
Long and thin
Freaky and weird
Callous and untouchable

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