Sir Philip Sidney

Philip Sidney was born in 1554.He had a very good education. After leaving Shrewsbury School and Christ Church, Oxford he visited Cambridge. At the age of 18 he left home for three years to travel Europe. He went to France, where he could have witnessed the Bartholomew’s Day Massacre of Protestants, Frankfurt, Vienna, Padua and Venice. Furthermore he visited Hungary. The next important step in his biography is in 1577 as he leaves England for Prague to become ambassador at the Imperial Court. Scholars believe that Sidney started with his most important work, the Arcadia, when he returned from Prague. He finished it in 1580. 1583 was an important year for Sidney, as well, because he married Frances Walsingham. Her father was Secretary of State to the Queen. Sidney profited by this connection because he was knighted in 1582. In 1585 he became Governor of the Dutch port in Flushing. Sidney died in September 1586 in a battle against the Spanish.

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