Task 1: Confusion of Terms?

Often the origin of a word is more complex, which is due to the fact that borrowing means …

to add at least one lexeme from a language to the own lexicon
to add a lexeme or a morpheme from a language to the own lexicon

A language may borrow a word …
(x) directly, i.e. the borrowed word is a native one in the language from which it is borrowed
(x) indirectly, i.e. the word is borrowed from Spanish, which had drawn it in advance from Arabic. Spanish then plays the role of an intermediary.

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Loan words are words that have …
( ) a native background. Their origin can be found in the earliest stages of the language they belong to.
(x) a non-native origin. They are borrowed directly or indirectly from other languages.
(x) the pronunciation is aligned with the phonology of the borrowing language
( ) loan words are pronounced according to the phonological rules of the foreign source, so that it is easier to determine the etymological origin

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