Task 1: Inkpot and Quills?

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The texts deal with the “inkhorn debate” …

( ) which was a controversy on the standardisation of spelling and punctuation
(x) in which purists denounced the loss of transparency and authenticity of the English language
(x) which was a controversy on the borrowing of words from other languages
( ) which resulted in the printing of school grammars and spelling handbooks
(x) Its extravagant realization in literary works were ridiculed by Shakespeare, Jonson and others
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Source: The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language 2003, 61

Supporter or Opponent?

In his text, Thomas Wilson

depicts himself as a fervent supporter for the introduction of “inkhorn terms”.
writes a parody of the introduction of “inkhorn terms”, in which he expresses his strong objection.

In his text, George Pettie

depicts himself as a defender of the borrowing of words.
depicts himself as an opponent of the borrowing of words.

Enrichment or Counterfeiting?

Wilson’s arguments against the introduction of “inkhorn terms” are ...

(x) loss of the pure and native character of English
( ) people can no longer stick to their former spelling-system. Thus, spelling reforms are inevitable
(x) loss of linguistic self-confidence, because people have to learn the vocabulary of their mother tongue

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Write down the arguments defenders like George Pettie might have! Please write your solution on a separate piece of paper!