Language and Media

Effects of words, sounds and pictures in advertising

The combined power and impact of visual and auditory material

US Army recruiting commercials (2006):

Now watch a second almost similar US Army commercial and notice that this time, written language substitutes the speaker:

Compare the effects of written and spoken language in advertising!

How many times and to what effect are the words "strong", "stronger" and "strength" used in these commercials?

Ukrainian Army Ad:

Looking at the language of advertising and its effects, in which way is this commercial different and what are the consequences for the viewer?

Combining words with a picture

This is a famous Army recruting poster from World War I. It was painted by James M. Flagg in 1916/17 and shows a single portrait of Uncle Sam, a cartoon figure, which was inspired by the life of an American businessman called Samuel Wilson.

Simply words

Army recruitment ad on a phonebox in Oxford

Another "advertiser" makes use of a common slogan for his own purpose, transforms it and changes the message completely.