Language and Media

Test your knowledge

Question 1

The first messenger that was accessible for everyone was... and was launched in...

1. MSN/1991
2. AIM/1998
3. ICQ/1996

Question 2

Common abbreviations in IM like ‘spk’ or ‘tmrw’ are basically created by

1. Rearranging half of the letters in a word in a random order
2. Leaving out the vowels
3. None of the above

Question 3

An instant messenger known for its interoperability is

1. Gadu-Gadu
2. Trillian
3. QQ

Question 4

Most instant messengers also offer a feature called ... which refers to...

1. Voice Over IP/ using a computer for making voice calls instead of a telephone
2. The Killervirusworm/ infecting computers of people you don’t like with viruses, worms and so on
3. SoInLove/ finding a partner through IM

Question 5

According to Webopedia, an online dictionary for Internet terms, the abbreviation ‘UDI’ means

1. You and I
2. Ugly and dirty
3. None of the above