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Is it obvious to you what journalist Jeremy Paxman was implying in this exchange with Prime Minister Tony Blair?

Paxman: The question is what freedom he has under the current inspection regime but we've discussed that already, I want to explore a little further about your personal feelings about this war. Does the fact that George Bush and you are both Christians make it easier for you to view this conflict in terms of good and evil?

Blair: I don't think so, no, I think that wether you're a Christian or you're not a Christian you can try perceive what is good and what is, is evil.

Paxman: You don't pray together for example?

Blair: No, we don't pray together Jeremy, no.

Paxman: Why do you smile?

Blair: Because - why do you ask me the question?

Paxman: Because I'm trying to find out how you feel about it.

(BBC Newsnight broadcast of 6 February 2003)