3) The Cause

Do Good!


"A cause involves a sense of duty (1) to defend (2) another (3) from a threat (4) and gain a benefit (5)." (Rank 135ff.)

1. It's our

  Duty, Obligation, Responsibility etc. 

2. to

  Defend, Protect, Guard, Save, Help etc.

3. the

  Nation, Country, Workers, Poor, Oppressed, Children, Environment etc.

If the Threat (4) is "A", Key words of benefit (5) related to the cause will be "B":

      A             B

- Dominance > Victory, Success, Triumph, Supremacy, Souvereignity

- Death & Destruction > Peace, Safety, Stability, Calm

- Invasion > Homeland, Fatherland, Birthright, Territory

- Restriction > Freedom, Liberty, Independence, Autonomy

- Inequality > Equality, Justice, Right, Revenge, Balance

- Chaos > Order, Prosperity, Efficiency, Ability, Growth

Causes in conflicts:

direct conflicts: "head-on" confrontations (Palestine)

oblique conflicts: controversial issues, overlapping causes (USA: abortion --> pro life vs. pro choice)

  • joining a "cause": form of belonging, do something meaningful --> worldview, self-image

  • claim of moral superiority because of fighting for a "good cause" --> the "true believers" in a cause --> expressed in phrases such as "defenders of the faith"; God-on-our-side-attitude.

  • "We are informed and good; they are ignorant and evil." (Rank 154)