Language of Newspapers. Exercise

Task - Analysis of tabloid article language

Analyse the following article. Pay particular attention to stylistic devices such as: Collective pronouns, examples of informal language, aliteration, repetition, pre-modal qualifiers (objective / subjective), speech acts, examples of cliché-use etc.

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We’ll fight for our heroes

'THE fighting spirit of our boys and girls in the hellholes of Afghanistan and Iraq has won them the admiration of our allies and bravery medals galore.'

So it is shameful that their reward from the Government is poverty pay, equipment shortages and housing so poor it would be rejected out of hand by an illegal immigrant.

This outrageous treatment has been highlighted by The Sun's Help for Heroes campaign, which demands a better deal for our servicemen.

And now the resignation of the man tipped to become a general and head of the army makes the case for “Action This Day” unanswerable.

Lt Col Stuart Tootal, the commanding officer of 3 Para who was awarded the DSO for his heroism in the Afghan province of Helmand, is quitting because of the shoddy way our troops are being treated by Whitehall.


His resignation letter is a devastating indictment of the way the military has been let down by the armchair generals back home and the politicians whose promises of a better deal have proved hollow.

Col Tootal targets:

The PATHETIC pay for our frontline troops — £10,000 less than a policeman or firefighter — as a clear reason why so many are quitting to earn three times as much working for private security firms.

The LACK of equipment that means troops cannot be trained properly, putting lives in even greater danger.

And the APPALLING accommodation for married servicemen back home that puts strains on relationships already under pressure because of the intense pressure of combat.

The Sun pledges to do all we can to put relentless pressure on the politicians and army brass through our Help for Heroes campaign.

We will not rest until our brave boys and girls leading the fight against world terrorism are given the treatment they deserve — and have earned a thousand times over.

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