Further Interesting Links

The 'Linguist List' is one of the most prominent websites dealing with the vast field of lingusitics. Though the layout of the website appears cluttered, the content is highly informative. Run by linguistics professors and graduate students alike, LINGUIST maintains “a web-site with over 2000 pages and runs a mailing list with over 25,000 subscribers worldwide". LINGUIST also hosts searchable archives of over 100 other linguistic mailing lists and runs research projects which develop tools for the field, e.g., a peer-reviewed database of language and language-family information, and recommendations of best practice for digitizing endangered languages data."

not only includes a list of well documented essays on morphological phenomena but also interesting study questions for you to practice.

  • Linguistic Online is a international European Journal and covers a broad range of linguistic fields.

Online Dictionaries


  • "Morphology" is a well-structured blog with particular focus on the English morphological system. Either you can start a new discussion on a phenomena you are most interested in, ask questions or you actively participate in lively discussions.

  • The “Linguistics Forum” is an academic, yet informal blog for the discussion of linguistics per se.

  • Literal Minded is a blog that centers around creative word-formation and linguistic oddities we encounter daily. This blog is both entertaining and educating.

  • Dr. Goodword’s language blog is replete with interesting language related bits and pieces that encourage the reader to take part in discussions.