Phonetics and Phonology

Try to recollect what you have read about the manner of articulation of consonants' sounds! Resist the urge to just look it up.

How many plosives does the English language have? (:vips 7236:)

How many of them are voiceless? (:vips 7237:)

/f/ and /v/ are both slit fricatives. (:vips 7238:)

How many voiceless nasals are there in the English language? (:vips 7239:)

/dʒ/ and /tʃ/ share all features except for (:vips 7240:)

How many groove fricatives are there in English? (:vips 7241:)

Slit fricatives and groove fricatives only differ in the state of the tip of the tongue. (:vips 7242:)

In groove fricatives, the tip of the tongue is rather flat. (:vips 7243:)

All English approximants are voiced. (:vips 7244:)

Which of the following sounds is an affricte? (:vips 7245:)

Which of the following sounds share the feature groove fricative? (:vips 7246:)

/l/ is the only lateral in English. (:vips 7247:)