Phonetic word puzzle

/s/ and /z/ word puzzle

A transcription of each of the listed words is to be found within the puzzle diagram. Once you have found a word in the puzzle click on that word in the table below and it will then appear crossed out. In order to circle the words in the puzzle diagram (you find a picture of it below) you need to print it out either as a word document or as PDF-file.

absolvecreaseinnsMore’sSioux (pl.)tons
arousediseaselicepansyspurseuse (v.)
assaulthis (n.)loosereadSwanseaZulu
close (adj.)housesMisssearstense 

  • Words can be found reading UP, DOWN, FORWARDS, BACKWARDS and DIAGONALLY throughout the puzzle.
  • Words can overlap each other and letters can be used more than once.
  • Words always run in a straight line and never skip any letters.
  • The puzzle is complete once all words have been located in the diagram.
  • After completing the entire puzzle you will be with 5 /s/ and 6 /z/.