John Searle (*1932)


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  • Analytic philosophy

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of language, intentionality, philosophy of mind, artificial intelligence, social reality

Notable Ideas


Academic Life

John Rogers Searle (born July 31, 1932 in Denver, Colorado) is the Slusser Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley. He is widely noted for contributions to the philosophy of language and the philosophy of mind, and for his views on practical reason and the characteristics of socially constructed versus physical realities. He was awarded the Jean Nicod Prize and the Jovellanos Prize in 2000, and the National Humanities Medal in 2004.

Main Publications

  • Mind: A Brief Introduction (summary of work in philosophy of mind; 2004)
  • Freedom and Neurobiology (lecture collection; 2004)
  • Consciousness and Language (essay collection; 2002)
  • Rationality in Action (2001)
  • Mind, Language and Society: Philosophy in the Real World (summary of earlier work; 1998)
  • The Mystery of Consciousness (review collection; 1997)
  • The Construction of Social Reality (1995)
  • The Rediscovery of the Mind (1992)
  • John Searle and His Critics (Ernest Lepore and Robert Van Gulick, eds.; 1991)
  • Minds, Brains and Science: The 1984 Reith Lectures (lecture collection; 1984)
  • Intentionality: An Essay in the Philosophy of Mind (1983)
  • Expression and Meaning: Studies in the Theory of Speech Acts (essay collection; 1979)
  • The Campus War: A Sympathetic Look at the University in Agony (political commentary; 1971)
  • Speech Acts: An Essay in the Philosophy of Language (1969)

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