Paul Grice (1913-1988)


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  • Analytic philosophy

Research Interests

Notable Ideas

  • Conversational implicature, cooperative principle in conversation, maxims of conversation


Academic Life

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Grice (March 13, 1913, Birmingham, UK - August 28, 1988, Berkeley, California) was educated first at Clifton College and then at Oxford University. After a brief period of teaching at Rossall he went back to Oxford where he taught until 1967. In that year, he moved to the United States to take up a professorship at the University of California, Berkeley, where he taught until his death. He returned to the UK in 1979 to give the John Locke lectures on Aspects of Reason. He reprinted many of his essays and papers in his valedictory book, "Studies in the Way of Words" (1989).

Main Publications

  • Grice, P. (1957)."Meaning," The Philosophical Review 66: 377-88.

  • Grice, P. (1969). "Utterer's Meaning and Intention," The Philosophical Review 78: 147-77.

  • Grice, P. (1975). "Logic and conversation". In Cole, P. and Morgan, J. (eds.) Syntax and semantics, vol 3. New York: Academic Press.

  • Grice, P. (1989). Studies in the Way of Words. Harvard University Press.

  • Grice, P. (1991). The Conception of Value. Oxford University Press. His 1979 John Locke Lectures.

  • Grice, P. (2001). Aspects of Reason (Richard Warner, ed.). Oxford University Press.

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