Politeness and Interaction

Face Threatening Acts 1

Imagine the following situation: You are in a room with another person called Sam. The window is open and you are beginning to freeze. You are involved in a practical work that does not allow you to close the window yourself at the moment. Further on, you are not sure if Sam likes the window to be closed, as well.

Now, there are several ways of dealing with this situation. Look at the following opportunities and match them with the correct levels of politeness strategies.

A 'Isn't it cold in here?'
B 'Shut the window, Sam.'
C 'I'm sorry. Could you do me a favor and shut the window?'
D 'You look cold, Sam. Should we shut the window?'
E Say nothing and keep on freezing.

1 Positive Politeness
2 Going on record
3 Don't do the FTA
4 Off record (hint)
5 Negative Politeness

got it right?

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