Sentence semantics (advanced)

Sentence semantics (sentential semantics), as well as phrasal semantics, deals with the meaning of syntactic units larger than words, i.e. phrases, clauses, and sentences, and the semantic relationships between them. In describing the meaning of such larger syntactic units, we usually start with its core meaning or semantic kernel, which is referred to as its proposition (propositional core, propositional content). Propositions play an important role in analyzing the meaning relations among sentences. The meaning of the sentence itself can be described with reference to the so-called Principle of Compositionality according to which the meaning of a sentence is composed of the meaning of its components. Thus, besides the propositional core described above, aspects like modality and quantification have to be examined.

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Propositions and predicates
Meaning relations among sentences
The Principle of Compositionality

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