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Identify metaphors I

The following data is taken (slightly adapted) from Time magazine (July 22, 1991), in an article about France written by James Walsh. Identify at least one metaphorical expression in each sentence.

(source of the data: Paul R. Frommer/Edward Finegan. Looking at Languages. A Workbook in Elementary Linguistics. Boston: Wadsworth. 199-200)

a) It is a culture abrim with connoisseurs. (:vips 7050:) b) De Gaulle, father of the Fifth Republic, used to cite France’s prodigious number of cheeses. (:vips 7051:) c) Why all the buzz about discontent, social gloom and political drift, a crisis of faith and a fading sense of identity? (:vips 7052:) d) It sounds as unlikely as Cyrano de Bergerac fumbling his sword or groping for the mot juste. (:vips 7053:) e) Not since Baron Haussmann thrust his boulevards through rancid slums has Paris experienced such a fever of renewal. (:vips 7054:) f) Judging by the diagnoses in the press, a country that long prided itself on being the lumière du monde is awash in dark-soul-searching. (:vips 7055:) g) There is the hangover from the gulf war, an episode that deflated the vaunted image of the French power and influence. (:vips 7056:) h) What the country preserved over the centuries it now risks losing in the homogenizing vat of the mysterious entity called Europe. (:vips 7057:) i) The French seem to be losing their bearings, their ideals and dreams. (:vips 7058:) j) It is a bitter vintage, all the more so considering how high expectations were running. (:vips 7059:) k) Just last year France looked well placed to become more than the center of gravity of a newly ascendant Europe. (:vips 7060:) l) Paris was confidently pulling the strings of Europe. (:vips 7061:)