Identify quantifiers

Identify the quantifiers in the sentences below.

(The sentences are taken from from Kearns, D. (2000). Semantics. Basingstoke: Macmillan. p. 89)

a) Anne has read most books on psychoanalysis. (:vips 10781:) b) Few who knew him supported Baxter. (:vips 10782:) c) Some students who heard both concerts were interviewed by Holmes. (:vips 10783:) d) Morris showed Jane every fingerprint he dusted. (:vips 10784:) e) Marcia peeled and quartered three apples. (:vips 10785:) f) Most travellers entering or leaving Australia visit Sydney. (:vips 10786:) g) Ramon signs every sculpture he makes. (:vips 10787:) h) Marcia and Clive ate four apples each. (:vips 10788:) i) Jones restored and sold several valuable paintings. (:vips 10789:) j) Most bulbs will not grow if they are dry. (:vips 10790:)