Identify thematic roles

Identify the specific thematic role of each noun phrase in the following sentences.

a) Mary sold her car to an old lady.


(:vips 7525:)

her car

(:vips 7526:)

an old lady

(:vips 7527:)

b) Jenny cut her finger last week.


(:vips 7528:)

her finger

(:vips 7529:)

last week

(:vips 7530:)

c) John cut the bread with a knife.


(:vips 7531:)

the bread

(:vips 7532:)

a knife

(:vips 7533:)

d) The wind broke the window.

the wind

(:vips 7534:)

the window

(:vips 7535:)

e) The door opened.

the door

(:vips 7536:)

f) Broken glass is scattered on the floor.

broken glass

(:vips 7537:)

the floor

(:vips 7538:)

g) The girl gave her friend a present.

the girl

(:vips 7539:)

her friend

(:vips 7540:)

a present

(:vips 7541:)

h) The girl wrote the letter with her favourite pen.

the girl

(:vips 7542:)

the letter

(:vips 7543:)

her favourite pen

(:vips 7544:)

i) The letter was written by the girl.

the letter

(:vips 7545:)

the girl

(:vips 7546:)

j) The girls went from the cinema to the pub.

the girls

(:vips 7547:)

the cinema

(:vips 7548:)

the pub

(:vips 7549:)