Identify types of meaning

The following pairs of words have the same referential meaning, or sense. For each pair, determine whether there are differences in social, affective, or collocational meaning.

a) dog/mongrel (:vips 7448:)

b) pavement/sidewalk (:vips 7449:)

c) intoxicated/drunk (:vips 7450:)

d) rotten/stale (:vips 7451:)

e) home/domicil (:vips 7452:)

f) girl/slut (:vips 7453:)

g) collaborator/accomplice (:vips 7454:)

h) beautiful/handsome (:vips 7455:)

i) intellectual/egghead (:vips 7456:)

j) die/decease (:vips 7457:)