Meaning relations among words

The description of meaning relations among words is strongly connected to the paradigmatic relations that have been described above. It is based on the idea of paradigmatically substitutable classes, i.e. the way in which lexemes can substitute for another in the same context. In this respect, the so-called sense relations can be described with the help of the logical operations of implication and contradiction. Thus, the two notions of polysemy and homonymy actually do not belong to the sense relations.

If you are already capable of identifying meaning relations among words, use the attached exercises to improve your knowledge. If you are not yet familiar with this topic, click on the terms below, read through the information given there, and test yourself later.

Lexical ambiguity: Polysemy and Homonymy
Sense relations

Exercises on meaning relations among words

Hyponymy: rose vs. flower

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