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Determine the use of 'be' in AAVE (I)

Determine whether the following sentences are grammatical or ungrammatical in AAVE:

(1) Linguists always be asking silly questions about language. (:vips 12018:)

(2) The students donít be talking right now. (:vips 12019:)

(3) My ankle be broken from the fall. (:vips 12020:)

(4) Sometimes my ears be itching. (:vips 12021:)

(5) They usually be tired when they come home. (:vips 12022:)

(6) They be tired right now. (:vips 12023:)

(7) James be coming to school right now. (:vips 12024:)

(8) James always be coming to school. (:vips 12025:)

(Taken and adapted from: Holmes 2008: 188)