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Define the characteristics of AAVE

Say whether the following statements about AAVE are right or wrong:

(a) AAVE is a social dialect spoken in the U.S.A. by African-Americans of lower socio-economic status. (:vips 12179:)

(b) AAVE is a variety of non-standard English. (:vips 12180:)

(c) AAVE differs from other varieties of American English mainly with respect to pronunciation features. (:vips 12181:)

(d) Some of the linguistic features which have been described for AAVE can also be found in other varieties of American English. (:vips 12182:)

(e) Copula deletion is frequently found in other varieties of American English. (:vips 12183:)

(f) Copula deletion is ungrammatical in (American) Standard English. (:vips 12184:)

(g) AAVE speakers use ‘habitual be’ to indicate that an action took place at a particular point in time (:vips 12185:)

(h) AAVE speakers can use ‘been’ to emphasize that the initiation of an action took place in the remote past. (:vips 12186:)

(i) AAVE is a rhotic accent. (:vips 12187:)