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Identify linguistic features of AAVE (I)

The section on AAVE presents an overview of the grammatical and phonological features of AAVE. For each of the following AAVE examples determine the grammatical feature by which it is characterized.

(a) They real fine. (:vips 12198:)

(b) John be happy. (:vips 12199:)

(c) I gonna do it. (:vips 12200:)

(d) He béen been in jail. (:vips 12201:)

(e) Nobody can’t step on her foot. (:vips 12202:)

(f) The coffee be cold at that place. (:vips 12203:)

(g) She’s been a wonderful wife and it’s nothin’ too good for her. (:vips 12204:)

(h) He fast in everything he do. (:vips 12205:)

(i) My father be the last one to open his presents. (:vips 12206:)

((a) – (c) are taken from Kortmann, 1999; The other examples are based on Kortmann, 1999 and Finegan, 2004)