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Identify linguistic features of AAVE (II)

Take a look at the following AAVE examples. For each example list the typical gramamtical AAVE features it contains.

(a) "If you the cook and the coffee cold, you might only just get talked about that day, but if the coffee bees cold, pretty soon you ainít gon have no job."

(Source: Finegan, 2004: 387) (:vips 12819:)

(b) "Itís a girl name Shirley Jones live in Washington. ĎMost everybody on her street like her, Ďcause she a nice girl. Shirley like a boy name Charles. But she keep away from him and Charles donít hardly say nothing to her neither."

(Source: Holmes 2008: 188) (:vips 12820:)

(:vips 12821:)