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The characteristics of British English and American English

Say whether the following sentences are typical of American English or of British English:

(a) Did you already see “Pirates of the Caribbean”? (:vips 12113:)

(b) Where can I get some petrol? (:vips 12114:)

(c) I need to find a gas station soon. (:vips 12122:)

(d) She’s gotten interested (:vips 12123:)

(e) I put the suitcase into the trunk of your car. (:vips 12124:)

(f) Is there a lift in the building? (:vips 12125:)

(g) Can I see your driving licence, please? (:vips 12126:)

(h) Can I see your driver’s license, please? (:vips 12127:)

(i) Yellow is my favourite type of colour. (:vips 12128:)

(j) Yellow is my favorite type of color. (:vips 12129:)