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Define the characteristics of creoles

Say whether the following statements about creoles are right or wrong:

(a) Creoles develop out of a prior pidgin stage. (:vips 12105:)

(b) Just like pidgins also creoles are not spoken natively by any of their users. Therefore they function as lingua francas for their speakers. (:vips 12106:)

(c) A creole may develop at any of the developmental stages of a pidgin. (:vips 12107:)

(d) The process of creolization may be gradual or abrupt. (:vips 12108:)

(e) Gradual creolization refers to the development of a creole following the stable pidgin stage. (:vips 12109:)

(f) Abrupt creolization denotes an unusual process of creolization whereby a creole develops independently without any influence of a pidgin at all. (:vips 12110:)

(g) Bickertonís Language Bioprogram Hypothesis (LBH) is a theory of genesis primarily concerned with cases of gradual creolization. (:vips 12111:)