General Linguistics

Selected Subfields

Determine the use of H and L

Determine which variety H or L will be used in the following situations in a diglossic community:

(a) Religion (sermon in church or mosque, prayers) (:vips 11982:)

(b) Poetry (:vips 11983:)

(c) Folk literature (:vips 11984:)

(d) Newspaper (editorial, news story) (:vips 11985:)

(e) Shopping (:vips 11986:)

(f) Broadcasting: TV news (:vips 11987:)

(g) Broadcasting: radio (:vips 11988:)

(h) Education (written material, university lectures)(:vips 11989:)

(i) Education (lesson discussion) (:vips 11990:)

(j) Conversation with family, friends, colleagues (:vips 11991:)

(k) Speech in parliament, political speech (:vips 11992:)

(Based on Holmes, 2008 and Fasold, 1987)