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Define the characteristics of pidgins

Say whether the following statements about pidgins are right or wrong:

(a) Pidgins and creoles are also referred to as contact languages. (:vips 12096:)

(b) Pidgins arise from contact between two or more existing languages. (:vips 12097:)

(c) Pidgins typically show the same structural complexity as their relevant source languages. (:vips 12098:)

(d) The source languages show complementary distribution. (:vips 12099:)

(e) The development of (many of the world’s) pidgins and creoles is closely connected to European colonialist expansion. (:vips 12100:)

(f) From their early developmental stages on pidgins are typically used for a wide range of communicative functions. (:vips 12101:)

(g) Pidgins characteristically have no native speakers. (:vips 12102:)

(h) Once they have come into being pidgins usually do not develop any further. (:vips 12103:)

(i) Characteristically a native speaker of English can easily understand an English-based pidgin. (:vips 12104:)