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Define traditional and modern dialectology (II)

Say whether the following statements are right or wrong:

(a) Traditional dialectology focuses on social variation with regard to lexicon, accent and grammar. (:vips 12212:)

(b) The focus of modern dialectology lies on studying the speech of a specific group of informants: non-mobile old rural male speakers. (:vips 12213:)

(c) Modern Dialectology originated in the 1960s. (:vips 12214:)

(d) Modern dialectology focuses on linguistic variation in urban areas. Therefore, it is also called 'urban dialectology'. (:vips 12215:)

(e) Traditional dialectology originated in the 18th century. (:vips 12216:)

(f) Modern dialectology is concerned with regional variation with respect to accent and vocabulary features. (:vips 12217:)

(g) Traditional dialectology focuses on linguistic variation in rural areas. (:vips 12218:)

(h) Traditional Dialectology is also called ‘regional dialectology’ or ‘dialect geography.’ (:vips 12219:)

(i) Modern Dialectology employs modern statistical methods for the analysis of linguistic data. (:vips 12220:)

(j) Traditional Dialectology is concerned with the study of diverse social groups. (:vips 12221:)