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Define urban dialectology

Say whether the following statements are right or wrong:

(a) Urban dialectology focuses on language variation in urban areas. (:vips 12257:)

(b) Urban dialectology is also known as variationist sociolinguistics/approach. (:vips 12258:)

(c) Urban dialectology traditionally studies the influence of speaker characteristics such as socioeconomic status, gender, age and ethnicity on the occurrence of linguistic variation. (:vips 12259:)

(d) William Labov introduced the notion of the linguistic variable and its variants. (:vips 12260:)

(e) The American linguist Noam Chomsky has done pioneering work on the occurrence of linguistic variation and is therefore a central figure within variationist sociolinguistics. (:vips 12261:)

(f) A linguistic variable is a linguistic phenomenon which is invariant in form. (:vips 12262:)

(g) A linguistic variant denotes a linguistic phenomenon which can occur in variant form. (:vips 12263:)

(h) Linguistic stratification within a studied speech community is characteristically represented in tabular form or via line graphs and bar graphs. (:vips 12264:)

(i) A classic study on social stratification is the one done by William Labov for New York City speech where he illustrated the social stratification of (r) in New York City department stores. (:vips 12265:)