Syntactic Theory

Contributers of the Module Syntactic Theory

The module was developed at the Linguistics Section of the Seminar für Englische Philologie of the University of Göttingen. For comments, questions, and suggestions, please contact Manfred Sailer,

The following people were involved in the creation of the module:

  • Andreas Blümel (GB)
  • Hildegard Farke (GB)
  • Garrett Hubing (proof reading)
  • Matthias Maume (GB)
  • Manfred Sailer (project co-ordination, Traditional Grammar, HPSG)
  • Heike Walker (HPSG)

supported by the following student teams:

  • Yu Sheng (wh-movement)
  • Jin-Hwa Lee (HPSG binding theory)
  • Verena Bröckling and Sonja Strupp (X-bar theory)
  • Nadja Binternagel, Hendrik Buurman, and Kerstin Voy (relative clauses)
  • Tobias Döring and Jakob Grüner (theta theory)
  • Venessa Tanovic and Benedikt Wegmann (feature structures)