Comprehensive Exercise

1. Please draw the tree of the S-structure of the following sentences, and point out the trace of movement.

a) I wonder whom Thelma will meet after lunch.

b) I met the man who he said had seen you at the party

c) I ask whom they think that Mary has said that she will invite.

d) Which books did the teacher think would seem rather uninteresting?

Answer A|Answer B|Answer C|Answer D

2. Single Choice

a) (:vips 10448:)

b) (:vips 10449:)

c) (:vips 10450:)

d) (:vips 10451:)

3.Please answer the following questions and compare them with the sample solutions.

a) (:vips 10452:)

b) (:vips 10453:)

c) (:vips 9333:)

d) (:vips 9334:)