Syntactic Theory

Explaining X-bar Theory

In the following two videos Verena Bröckling and Sonja Strupp (Göttingen) explain the principles of X-bar Theory with an example.

The Principles of X-bar Theory

Do you think it would be difficult to analyze the following sentence?

1. Every student of magic from London will know the answer to the question by midnight.

Then, watch this video, and you will know all about the analysis in less than 8 minutes!

(Duration: 7min14)

Building X-bar Structures

After watching the previous video, you may say Ok, I can see this if the tree is given, but I could never come up with such a tree myself! Look at the following sentence:

2. Harry failed the test of magic.

Would you also fail if you were asked to draw an X-bar structure for this sentence? Sonja Strupp shows you how it can be done!

(Duration: 4min42)

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