Syntactic Theory

Exercise: Binding in Prepositional Phrases

The following sentences contain prepositional phrases. Choose the reflexive or nonreflexive coreferential pronouns which can appear as the preposition's object.

1. The housei has a lot of trees [around iti/itselfi] (:vips 9504:) 2. The turtlei saw a lot of fish around iti/itselfi. (:vips 9340:) 3. Goghi looked [at himi/himselfi] through a mirror during his painting himi/himselfi. (:vips 9345:) 4. Goghi likes [Paul Gauguinís portrait of himi/himselfi] (:vips 9346:) 5. Suei likes [Jinís picture of heri/herselfi] (:vips 9343:) 6. Shei is waiting for someonej who wants to talk [with heri/herselfi].(:vips 9344:)