Syntactic Theory

Conjoining Phrases

Coordinating conjunctions (and, or, but, either ... or, both ... and) combine two or more syntactic units of the same type, usually of the same syntactic category.

We can give a general rule schema: X -> X Conj X, where 'X' is any syntactic category.

Example 1: conjunction of two clauses
            /                         \
           /              _____________S_____
          /              /             |     \
    __AdvP_   __________S___________ Conj  ___S____
   /_______\ /______________________\  |  /________\
   Yesterday Kim took the bus to work and Pat walked.

Example 2: conjunction of two NPs

        /      /   \   \
      Conj   NP   Conj  NP
       |    /__\   |   /__\ 
    Either Sandy  or  Chris will get the job.

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