Parts of Speech

Assigning Part of Speech Labels

Assign each word one of the following part of speech labels

  • major pos-labels: N, V, A, Adv, P
  • minor pos-labels: Det, Conj, Comp, Aux, Part, To, Not, Be, Have
  • For pronouns: indicate the syntactic category that it is a pro-from of, i.e. NP (for personal pronouns), Det (for possessive pronouns).

Pat didn't try to solve this exercise.
Pat/N did/Aux n't/Not try/V to/To solve/V his/Det problems/N.

Note: If you don't agree with the pos-labels in the master solution, try to find arguments in favor of or against your solution and the one proposed here. Do you find that you disagree more often with minor or with major part of speech labels?

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