Basic terminology 2

Example: The old teacher told fairy tales in the English lessons.

Look again at the tree diagram above. Decide which of the following statements are true and which are false:

a) The NP[English lessons] is a constituent of the IP. (:vips 10594:)

b) IP dominates VP. (:vips 10595:)

c) N[teacher] ist the head of the DP[the old teacher].

Source of the picture:

(:vips 10596:)

d) VP is the mother of PP[in the English lessons]. (:vips 10597:)

e) P and DP[the English lessons] are sisters. (:vips 10598:)

f) The NP[old teacher] is a complement of D. (:vips 10599:)

g) V theta marks the DP[the old teacher]. (:vips 10600:)