Coordination test: Exercise

Look at the examples below and name the constituent that has been identified with the help of the coordination test. Identify the category of the constituent.

Example: He has a cat. vs. He has a cat and a dog.

(i) constituent: a cat
(ii) category: NP (DP)

a) He may go to London. vs. He may go to London and visit his mother. (:vips 10630:)

Source of the picture:

b) John likes red wine. vs. John likes red wine and cold beer. (:vips 10631:)

c) Sally drives slowly. vs. Sally drives slowly and carefully. (:vips 10632:)

d) He went to London. vs. He went to London and to Paris. (:vips 10633:)

e) She is a kind person. vs. She is a kind and lovely person. (:vips 10634:)