Movement test: Exercise

Look at the examples below and name the constituent that has been identified with the help of the movement test. Identify the category of the constituent.
(Note that such a movement has a certain pragmatic effect, which is of no relevance here. If you're interested in pragmatics, click here.)

Sick I've become.

Example: He went down the river. vs. Down the river he went.

(i) constituent: down the river
(ii) category: PP
Source of the picture:

a) That was brilliant! vs. Brilliant that was! (:vips 10608:)
b) He should answer my question. vs. Answer my question he should. (:vips 10609:)
c) He put a note on my door. vs. On my door he put a note. (:vips 10610:)
d) The dog bit the little girl. vs. The little girl the dog bit. (:vips 10611:)