Omission test: Exercise

Look at the examples below and name the complement and the adjunct that have been identified with the help of the omission test. Identify the category of each.

Example: Sally can open the door with her credit card. vs.

Sally can open the door. vs.
* Sally can open with her credit card.
(i) complement: the door; category: NP (DP)
(ii) adjunct: with her credit card; category: PP

a) The postman delivered the parcel before noon.
The postman delivered the parcel.
*The postman delivered before noon.
(:vips 10643:)

b) The boy opened the door carefully.
The boy opened the door.
*The boy opened carefully.
(:vips 10644:)

c) John hit Bill with a stick.
John hit Bill.
*John hit with a stick.
(:vips 10645:)

d) Sally ate a pie in a second.
Sally ate a pie.
*Sally ate in a second.

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(:vips 10646:)