Proform test: Exercise

Look at the examples below and name the constituent that has been identified with the help of the proform test. Name the proform and identify the category of the constituent.

Example: Sally will open the door with her credit card and John will do so, too.

(i) constituent: open the door with her credit card
(ii) proform: do so
(iii) category: V'

a) What do you think of Peter? - I can't stand him. (:vips 10626:)
b) Have you ever been to London? - No, I've never been there.

Source of the picture:

(:vips 10625:)

c) Many people consider John extremely rude, but I've never found him so. (:vips 10627:)
d) Harry might fail the exam and Bill might do so, too. (:vips 10628:)
e) These tight skirts are nice! I think I'll buy this one. (:vips 10629:)